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120 new openings for the elderly and disabled

Municipality supports social solidarity institutions with 1.2 million euros for works

1.2 million euros is the amount that the Municipality of Matosinhos has allocated for the creation of 120 new vacancies in social equipment in the areas of elderly and disability.

The decision was taken unanimously yesterday by the Municipal Executive, in the public town hall meeting, the last of the year, which took place in Senhora da Hora.

The support of the municipality comes in the wake of applications to the Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PRR).

On land provided by the Municipality, in front of the Matosinhos EB, the Brotherhood of Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos submitted in February this year an application to the PRR for the construction of a Residential Structure for the Elderly (ERPI) with capacity to accommodate 60 people. The funding of 2,188,000.00€ (excluding VAT) was approved in July. As the RRP support only supports the infrastructure part, the Matosinhos City Council decided to grant a support of up to €664,000 to the Brotherhood of Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Bom Jesus de Matosinhos for the construction of the ERPI.

AAJUDE- Association of Support to Disabled Youth applied, in February, for the construction of a Residential Home for 30 people and the creation of 30 new vacancies in the Center for Activities and Training for Inclusion (CACI). In March 2020, the municipality loaned the Portela EB1/JI School to AAJUDE for 25 years to create a Residential Home and CACI. The funding was approved in August and involves 1,550,000.00€ (excluding VAT). The Executive approved a support of 507,000 euros for the construction of the Residential Home and the CACI.

Also in the city council meeting, the proposal to update the INDAQUA tariff for 2023 was approved by majority, following the review of the price indexes provided for in the concession contract and in accordance with the opinion of the Regulatory Authority for Water and Waste Services. After this update of the 1.07 index, which will be in force in 2023, water and sanitation bills for consumers in Matosinhos and Porto will continue to be the lowest in the Metropolitan Area of Porto for the same consumption.


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