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300 swimmers in the Matosinhos Sport Swimming Meeting

After the "junior swimming festival", that took place last month, the Municipal Sports Company organised this weekend another edition of the "swimming meeting", providing all the clients of the 7 municipal swimming pools with a cheerful and lively sporting get-together

Photo: Matosinhos Sport

The "biggest Swimming Festival", as Matosinhos Sport calls it, brought together on the morning of May 14th, according to what was the 16th edition of the event, about 300 participants who were accompanied by dozens of supporters who filled the stands of the municipal swimming pool at Senhora da Hora, "the Home of the Selections" of aquatic sports.

In a clear demonstration of the quality of teaching at the municipal swimming schools, the technical level of the teachers and, of course, the physical prowess of all the participating students, the teams from the various pools battled effusively for each of the contested events.

In the end, the Matosinhos Swimming Pool won all the competitions, and the remaining places on the podium belonged to the Perafita and Senhora da Hora Pools, 2nd and 3rd places respectively. S. Mamede de Infesta (4th), Leça do Balio (5th), Guifões (6th) and Custóias (7th) made up the remaining classification.

The Executive Director of Matosinhos Sport, Henrique Calisto, made a point of being present at the initiative, also joining in the celebrations at the awards ceremony.

The organisation was the responsibility of Matosinhos Sport, with the support of the Associação de Natação do Norte de Portugal.


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