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“Aprende a…”

Skating, cycling or playing beach volleyball are some of the free activities offered by Matosinhos Sport this summer

In this edition of “Learn to…”, it is possible to experiment, learn or relearn not only to skate, to pedal, but also to play beach volleyball, always with the technical support of those who know.

Skating learning takes place under the guidance of Rolar Matosinhos, Bicycle lessons with the support of Clube BTT Matosinhos, beach volleyball is in charge of Associação Académica de São Mamede and Leixões Sport Club.

Organized by Matosinhos Sport, with the support of the Municipality of Matosinhos and the Parish Unions, these activities take place outdoors in different places in the municipality, being free, without registration, but with limited places.

Join us!


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