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Artists Fellowships

Junta de Freguesia launches program to promote Artists and Musicians from Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira

In order to identify, catalog and promote the artists of Matosinhos and Leça

da Palmeira, the Junta de Freguesia will launch in 2023 the "Artists' Exchange". Specifically, the idea of the executive is to provide a space where the municipality and all entities of the parish can meet and contact local artists.

"The initiative is born from the creation of a virtual space where all local artists

can register and put information about themselves and their work, "said

President of the Board, Paulo Carvalho. The mayor also added that this is

project that is part of the activities plan of the Junta de Freguesia and that

and will allow the municipality to update and get to know more about the artists

of its parish.

"Matosinhos and Leça da Palmeira has a very artistic and cultural heritage

strong. Every day new projects and new artists are born. With this scholarship

we intend to create synergies, project the artists of our community and thus

valorize the local culture."

The Artists' Exchange will be present in the new website of the Junta de Freguesia,

All interested parties will be able to register for free through the current

registration for free through the current page.


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