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Cardiology at Pedro Hispano Hospital implements new technique

The Cardiology team of the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos performed on January 11th the first implantation of a cardiac resynchronization device (CRT)

This complex technique, when performed on patients with specific characteristics, allows for electrical resynchronization of the heart and improves its function.

It is thus an important evolution to the care currently provided by the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos to patients with heart failure.

The team, led by cardiologists Fernando Montenegro Sá and Filomena Monteiro, was supported by the cardiologist Helena Gonçalves - as trainer - and also included Carmen Silva and César Lamego, nurses, as well as the Cardiopneumology technician, Joana Neves, the Radiology technician, Carla Valbom, and the operational assistant, Preciosa Reis.


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