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Carnival with rain, temperatures up to 24 degrees and North African dust

The Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) predicts from this Friday until Tuesday of Carnival, showers, maximum temperatures between 17 and 24 degrees and dust from North Africa

According to the IPMA, until Tuesday the weather in mainland Portugal will be conditioned by a depression centered southwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Because of the depression, is expected to transport dust suspended in the atmosphere over the continent from North Africa, which should have low concentration, but may increase temporarily between the end of the day Saturday and Sunday.

From this Friday it is also expected an increase in cloudiness, with the possibility of showers in the Algarve later in the day.

On Saturday, the showers will be in the south, and may extend to the central region from the afternoon. On Sunday, the showers will be weak and infrequent, increasing the frequency again on Monday and Tuesday, and may also occur on these days in the north.

"This meteorological situation has some uncertainty associated mainly due to the position of the depression. It should be noted that the rainy regime presupposes intermittent and scattered precipitation, both spatially and temporally," said the IPMA in a statement.

As for temperatures, IPMA indicates that it will undergo slight variations, with the minimum values between 8 and 13 degrees Celsius on the coast and between 6 and 9 degrees in the interior, being slightly lower, between 3 and 6 º C, in the northern interior and Beira Alta.

The maximum temperature will be higher than normal for the time of year, between 17 and 24 degrees in most of the mainland.

The wind will be weak to moderate, blowing moderate to strong in the Algarve Saturday and in the highlands, especially in the Center and South.

The IPMA also predicts sea disturbance, with waves of southeast on the southern coast of the Algarve with one to two meters, being between 2 and 2.5 meters today and Saturday.

For the archipelago of Madeira are expected to be cloudy periods and occurrence of showers, especially on the northern slopes and highlands.

On Monday and Tuesday, the probability for precipitation to occur decreases and showers, if they occur, will be generally weak.

It is also expected moderate to strong wind and maximum temperatures between 16 and 22.

In the Azores, between today and Monday is expected cloudy but alternating with open on all islands, not expected, significant precipitation.

On Tuesday Carnival, the "approach and passage of a cold frontal surface with ripples, with slow movement and moderate activity" will affect the weather on all islands, starting with the islands of the Western Group and extending gradually over the rest of the archipelago.

Thus, it is expected an increase in cloudiness with periods of light rain passing to light showers and, only on the islands of Flores and Corvo, a slight increase in wind intensity. Maximum temperatures will vary between 15 º C to 17 º C.


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