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Chamber cancels meeting to discuss Petrogal workers' situation

The meeting scheduled for this Friday afternoon, February 24th, between the Trade Union of the Workers of Manufacturing Industries, Energy and Environmental Activities of the North (SITE-Norte) and the Matosinhos City Hall was cancelled

The union claims that the "unilateral and unexpected" cancellation demonstrates a "posture of the executive of total disregard for the current situation of the fired workers of the Petrogal Refinery". Chamber claims that the union was duly communicated.

"The SITE-Norte does not see itself in this type of action, because given the serious situation of workers and their families that has lasted for over two years, it is urgent to implement actions to end this social scourge. This action causes surprise and indignation, as it does nothing to dignify the democratic institutions and the dialogue that should exist between them", can be read in the union's statement.

In response to the JN, the City Council says that "the reason for the cancellation was duly communicated to the union, with whom they have maintained a continuous dialogue", adding the "surprise of the theme being transmitted to the media". The municipality did not explain the reason to JN.

According to SITE-Norte, the cancellation, which came from the vice-president of the Municipality of Matosinhos, Carlos Mouta, happened late yesterday afternoon, after the union sent a note to the media to inform about the meeting.

The request for the meeting was made on January 27th, according to the union, which was answered by the vice-president's office that "agreed to hold the meeting and rescheduled it for two occasions".


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