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City Council invests in training

Spanish training for receiving and serving tourists

More than six thousand Spaniards passed through the tourist offices last year. During Easter week, more than 30% of the tourists that visit us are Spanish.

Aware of the importance of an excellent welcome to these tourists, the Municipality of Matosinhos invested in the training of tourism agents.

The goal is to develop the skills and strengthen the qualification of human resources, not only in the tourism sector, but in all sectors that daily have an active participation with the public.

For this purpose the municipality established a partnership with the Tourism of Portugal, through the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism, under the program "Training + Proximity".

28 trainees from departments such as Tourism, Culture, Bathing Rescue and Municipal Police participated in the Spanish training, developing their skills and linguistic knowledge of that language.

The first edition of the internal training in Spanish (Initial) came to an end today.

In the closing session, the trainees simulated several situations with tourists, namely answering the phone and in person in the municipality's cultural equipments, providing information about monuments and other points of interest, restaurants, nearby means of transportation, among other relevant data.

The diploma delivery ceremony was attended by the Alderman of Economic Development, Tourism and Trade, Marta Pontes, and the Director of the Porto School of Hospitality and Tourism, Paulo Vaz.

Addressing the trainees, Marta Pontes pointed out that "you are also tourism agents, you are our ambassadors". "With these new tools you have learned, the public service you provide can be improved," said the councilwoman.

"Tourism is very important for the country," said Paulo Vaz, praising the graduates for having the courage to "get out of their comfort zone and learn a language that is not ours." "Speaking a foreign language is a clear sign of welcome, hospitality and comfort, and helps to solve sometimes complicated situations to those who visit us," he added.


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