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Congratulations to Matosinhos Memory Museum

Special program for August 26 and 27.

MuMMa - Matosinhos Memory Museum celebrates, on August 26, its 1st anniversary.

Housed in Palacete Visconde de Trevões, a building from the early twentieth century, which is part of the collective memory of generations of "matosinhenses", the museum's mission is to enhance the historical memory and heritage of the territory of Matosinhos, crossing it with the individual memories of its inhabitants.

To mark the date, the Matosinhos City Hall has prepared a special program for August 26th and 27th.

On Friday, at 5pm, the exhibition "Matosinhos Place and Memory" will be inaugurated, presenting a selection of photographs by the prestigious Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013), belonging to the council's collection.

At night, at 10 pm, Marta Ren performs on the 1st floor balcony of MuMMa. The artist from Matosinhos is one of the great names in Portuguese music, with an unmistakable strength and style, on a level with the great black soul and funk vocalists, being acclaimed at festivals and concert halls across Europe.

On the following day, at 6 p.m., there will be a special session of the project "Save the Language of Camões", already in its 18th edition, with the staged reading "Damas em Xeque" (Ladies in Check), by Brazilian playwright Fábio Brandi Torres.

On Saturday night, at 9:30 pm, there will be a guided tour through the character of the Viscount of Trevões, the first owner of the palace where the Museu da Memória is housed. It will be an opportunity for visitors to discover the secrets and memories of this palace, as well as his experiences in Portugal and Brazil, where he made a colossal fortune, which he partly put at the disposal of the communities of Matosinhos and S. João da Pesqueira.

Over the two days, the MuMMa will have free admission. There will be a new thematic visit - Fragments of History, focused on millenary or secular archaeological treasures, testimonies of the origins and evolution of the communities that occupied the current territory of Matosinhos throughout history.

The anniversary program also includes other activities, such as recreational and educational workshops, records of memories in the first person, among others.

To date, the museum has received more than 12 thousand visitors, with a significant slice of people and groups from the municipality of Matosinhos, but also from other parts of the country and the world, with particular emphasis on the Brazilian community, who are probably curious to know the life and work of Emídio Ló Ferreira (1864-1942), Viscount Trevões, first owner of the palace, who made his fortune in the land of Vera Cruz, in Amazonia, between 1894 and 1907.

Also noteworthy are the nearly 200 guided tours for groups that took place during this period, which attest to a great demand from the public to learn about the building and its memories, as well as the historical and multimedia content present in this museum space.

Throughout these months, the MuMMa, in collaboration with the Casa do Bosque - education service, has developed several initiatives, such as guided and dramatized visits, educational activities and workshops, aimed at the school public, with special needs, seniors, and also families.

Very recently, Matosinhos Memory Museum was awarded by APOM - Portuguese Association of Museology with the distinction of best museum in Portugal in the category of "Multimedia Application and Management", recognizing the innovation and quality presented in this area.

See the program:

Day 26 (Friday)

All day | Guided tours to the museum and presence of the Viscount Trevões' gigantone

All day | Projection "Memories of the 1st year of MuMMa

11am-1pm/15-5pm | Memories Record in the 1st Person

17h00 | Inauguration of the exhibition "Matosinhos Place and Memory

18h00 | Extinguishing of the candles

22h00 | Concert by Marta Ren

Day 27 (Saturday)

All day | Guided Visits to the museum and presence of the Viscount Trevões' gigantone

All day | Projection "Memories from the 1st year of MuMMa

10am-12/15-5pm | Workshop Memories on Board

11am-1pm/15-5pm | Memories Register in the 1st Person

4:00pm | Visit Fragments of History*.

6:00pm | Save the Language of Camões | "Damas em Xeque" by Fábio Brandi Torres *

21h30 | Visit of the Season with the Viscount of Trevões * *

*By appointment only

Free admission and activities

Information and booking

Phone: (+351) 229390967


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