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Cultural visit to Oporto Military Museum

Another Cultural Visit of the Custóias, Leça do Balio and Guifões Parish Councils took place, with a visit to the Oporto Military Museum

Photo: União das Freguesias Custóias, Leça do Balio e Guifões

The Oporto Military Museum is an institution belonging to the Portuguese Army, devoted to the preservation of popular history, since 1980. Previously, during the Estado Novo regime, it was in this building that the PIDE-DGS Delegation functioned, whose actions deeply marked the experiences of the Porto population, memories that moved the participants.

The Oporto Military Museum houses a large display of light armament, uniforms and military equipment, as well as a large display of heavy artillery, among other pieces of historical-military interest.

During the visit, the participants also got to know the ex-libris of Oporto Military Museum, which is the collection of miniatures of the evolution of the soldier, from pre-history to the present day, from various factories around the world.

This initiative of the Junta da União intends to promote active aging and democratize access to culture and knowledge, providing its residents aged 65 and over with a diverse range of visits to places of interest near their area of residence.

These visits will take place on a monthly basis, with registration being announced in due course.


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