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Dangerous materials lorry crashes and cuts access to A4

The access to the A4 by the A28 is cut in the direction Matosinhos-Maia, after a truck carrying hazardous materials have fallen on the road. According to Lusa, the driver was trapped, but has already been removed

The District Command of Rescue Operations (CDOS) of Porto told Lusa that the accident occurred at 14.37 hours. Since then the road "is totally blocked and cut" and will only be reopened to traffic after the cleaning of the road is completed. A source from the Matosinhos/Leça Fire Brigade said that the corporation does not know what hazardous material was involved.

The accident occurred at the exit of the A28 to A4 and, according to CDOS, "there was no spillage" of hazardous material transported by the heavy. The driver was trapped, but has already been removed by elements on site. Suffered injuries considered minor and was transported to the Hospital Pedro Hispano, told the JN source of CDOS.

According to the page of Civil Protection, on site are 25 operational, accompanied by 10 vehicles.


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