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Escola Azul mobilizes hundreds of students from all over the country

On the 19th of May, around 700 students from schools in Matosinhos will make an Ocean Current between the beach of Angeiras and the beach of Matosinhos, in an initiative that marks the Blue School Day and that aims to raise awareness of the importance of the Ocean, through the creation of several human cords that join the school community, the local community, municipalities and entities linked to the sea.

Hundreds of schools across the country will participate in this ecological cord, with Matosinhos being one of the 15 municipalities participating in the program.

The Educational program of the Ministry of Economy and Sea, Escola Azul, launched the challenge to the 321 Blue Schools across the country to join hands across the ocean and organize human cords by the sea or at a symbolic place in the community. This Ocean Current that will paint the country blue is being prepared for 11:30 am on May 19, the date on which Blue School Day is celebrated and which precedes the European Day of the Sea (May 20).

This symbolic moment that will unite thousands of people aims to show how the younger generations are united and mobilized for the need to protect the Ocean. A message that gains particular importance with the approach of the Forum of Regional and Local Leaders of the United Nations, which will take place in Matosinhos on the 25th of June, as part of the program of the United Nations Ocean Conference, which starts two days later in Lisbon.

Many of these human cords are being prepared with the support of municipalities, such as Matosinhos, and will involve much more than school communities, with more than 1000 people expected to participate in a single chain in some cases.

Escola Azul is an educational program of the Ministry of Economy and Sea, which involves schools that work on themes related to the sea in an Ocean Literacy community that brings together teachers, students, municipalities and partner entities.

Through initiatives such as the “Ocean Current”, Escola Azul intends to take Ocean issues out of classrooms, encouraging young people to take an active and participatory citizenship stance.


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