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European Museum Night

Quinta de Santiago Museum and Memory Museum marked the date with various activities

The European Night of Museums - an initiative created in 2005 by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. At the Quinta de Santiago Museum, the program started at 7 pm with the pedagogical workshop “Cardumes no Museu” to explore the exhibition “Deepnesses” by Elisa Ochoa. Then, at 10 pm, the session was double: while children and young people immersed themselves in the artist's imagination, adults could watch the reading staged inside the museum and get involved in the plot of Brazilian dramaturgy by Cíntia Alves. In Matosinhos, at the Museu da Memória, from 9 pm onwards, it was possible to discover archaeological, artistic and documentary material, as well as multimedia and interactivity, freely exploring various contents. It was also possible to take a virtual tour of 15 emblematic places in Matosinhos, through special 360° glasses or visit the temporary exhibition ‘Fontão: 4,000 years of History’, dedicated to recent and original discoveries in Lavra. International Museum Day, under the theme “The Power of Museums”, established by ICOM – International Council of Museums, is celebrated annually on May 18. The doors of institutions that preserve the heritage and identity of Matosinhos will be open, participating in the proposed reflection: at the Quinta de Santiago Museum, throughout the day, you can visit the exhibition “Profundezas” by Elisa Ochoa. Pedagogical workshops will be held for school groups and based on the exhibition. On that same day, May 18, at 4 pm, at the Memory Museum, “Rituals of Memory” - a community art project that seeks to dialogue, intervene and transform the actions of a group of 10 women, aged between the 35 and 97 years old who have a relationship with the fishing community and who share memories and objects linked to the various activities related to the sea.


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