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Event “Bate-Fado”

Dance and Fado show at the Municipal Theater of Matosinhos

The Teatro Municipal de Matosinhos Constantino Nery received on Saturday "Bate-Fado", a dance/concert piece with artistic direction and choreography by Jonas&Lander.

Jonas & Lander's new creation is a hybrid show between dance and concert music designed for five dancers, one fadista and three musicians. Like most urban musical trends, such as samba or flamenco, fado also had its own dances. In Lisbon, the one that had the greatest expression was Fado Batido, a dance based on an energetic and virtuosic tap dance. In Bate-Fado, the duo of performers and choreographers proposes to reinterpret and recover the act of tapping Fado, where the dance emanates from the quality of a percussion instrument in dialogue with the voice and the guitars. Bate -Fado reveals itself as the first step towards the rescue of the dance that Fado has long lost.

The artists fill in the gaps of information about Fado Batido with their choreographic imagery in direct dialogue with Portuguese and Afro-Brazilian folk dances. Bate-fado was considered by Expresso Best Dance Show of 2021.

The duo Jonas&Lander creates, since 2013, hybrid performance works, between dance and music. In 2015 they founded Sinistra Associação Cultural, a structure based in a house in the center of the town of Sintra that promoted fado events on a weekly basis. Jonas develops, in parallel to his career in contemporary dance, a career as a professional singer and fado singer that started in 2006. On the other hand, Lander is also a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, with a strong interest in polyrhythms and a focus on the mixture between gestural and rhythmic territory. In their short trajectory, Jonas&Lander already count with a varied range of authored pieces such as Matilda Carlota (2014), Arrastão (2015), Adorabilis (2017), Lento e largo (2019) and Coin Operated (2019).

Project supported by the Portuguese Republic - Culture | DGARTES - Direção-Geral das Artes


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