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Food support to more than 800 families

Five institutions awarded financial aid

Five institutions, which provide food support to families in the municipality of Matosinhos that are in a particularly difficult economic situation, received financial assistance from the municipality of around 450 thousand euros.

The food support provided covers 818 families (2022 people) and is part of the project of the Partnership Network of Institutions to Combat Economic Precarity - RPICPE, promoted since 2014, in partnership with social institutions in the municipality.

The attribution of this financial support includes two modalities, depending on the assessment that each institution makes of the dynamics and characteristics of the families supported, which may be through the allocation of a food basket or a monthly shopping card when there is a capacity for autonomy of the families.

The institutions covered were: the Matosinhos Zone Council, which brings together the Matosinhos Vincentian Conferences, represented by the São Vicente de Paulo Social Works Association, the Portuguese Red Cross-Delegation of Matosinhos, the Senhora da Hora Lions Club, the of the Parish Church of São Martinho de Guifões-Ajuda Fraterna de São Martinho de Guifões and the National Child Hope-Renascer League.

In the case of the Red Cross, additional support was given, in the amount of €25,200.00, for the allocation of baskets in a social emergency situation.


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