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Green Walk took place this weekend

Morning at Leça's Green Corridor dedicated to "trees in urban space"

The second Green Walk took place on Saturday morning, March 4, in the Leça Green Corridor, an initiative organized by the Matosinhos City Hall that started at Varas Park and was attended by the Councillor for the Environment, Manuela Álvares.

Knowing better the trees, their characteristics and functions was the theme of a morning walk through Nature, enjoying the sun and the Leça's Green Corridor.

The Leça Green Corridor is an environmental and mobility project, with a strong cultural, economic, touristic and social character, which will allow the landscape and environmental enhancement of the river Leça and its banks, and contribute to territorial cohesion, connecting the coast to the interior, through a specific channel for the use of soft transport modes.

The project is being executed in three phases, with a total of 18 km of intervention.


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