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In 2021 there were more than 14,000 children in situations of danger

It was a year in which 136 unaccompanied foreign children or young people also entered the reception system, 39 for begging and 14 for suspected trafficking in human beings

In 2021 there were 6,369 children and young people in the foster care system. The vast majority were in institutions, with only 3.5% in foster care.

The data is for the period from the beginning of the year to 01 November 2021 and is included in the CASA report - Annual Characterisation of the Foster Care Situation of Children and Young People.

Still, we are talking about a lower number than in 2020, i.e. 5% less than the previous year (which translates into a reduction of 337 children or young people).

The CASA report also reports that in 2021 there were still 14,495 situations of danger "that proved to be determining factors in the entry into the reception system. Neglect was the main factor in which children and young people found themselves, with physical and psychological abuse or cases of sexual violence also being registered.


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