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Latest Animar Matosinhos performances

The end of Animar Matosinhos at Jardins do Senhor do Padrão

In 2022, the City Council once again bet on the program "Animar Matosinhos", taking over the months of July and August, during the weekends, a lot of animation and dance to the gardens of the Monument Senhor do Padrão with free shows.

The closing of "Animar- Matosinhos" this year included the performance, this Sunday afternoon, of the Associação Amigos do Fado de Matosinhos. Founded on August 9, 2009, the Association promotes Fado in all its fullness, by creating opportunities for amateur Fado singers and creating a school of guitars and Fado guitar.

This was followed by the concert of Projeto 65, a band from Leça da Palmeira already known for their participation in the show "The Voice Portugal". Formed in 2016 by a group of young musicians, they presented their interpretations in an acoustic record, some covers and originals.

Yesterday, Saturday, the entertainment was in charge of The Fool Moon Cool. Formed by elements from different musical projects, three coming from rockabilly, rock'n'roll and surf influences, two musicians/producers used to the most eclectic pop, and a songwriter par excellence, and traveling a road where elegance and vintage references dominate, there are several paths of The Fool Moon Cool. In each homage to reference songs, in each new original, they intend that the result can make the listener, above all, feel good.

The edition of Animar- Matosinhos has come to an end, but Animar- Matosinhos- Angeiras continues on the next weekends of August. See the program:


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