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Lionesa Business Hub has ‘The Best Company to Work for in Portugal’

Hilti has been awarded the title of ‘Best Workplaces Portugal’, for companies with between 101 and 200 employees.

Lionesa Business Hub (LBH) is a business centre with more than 7,000 employees that demonstrates its commitment to employee happiness through initiatives such as a Happiness Manager course.

Hilti, voted ‘Best Company to Work for in Portugal’ by Great Place to Work, says that ‘LBH offers a modern, dynamic and constantly evolving space, providing its employees with an environment conducive to happiness’.

António Pedro Pinto, LBH's Marketing Director, emphasises that ‘Our mission is to build a happier corporate world’, and continues, ‘This distinction that Hilti has received reinforces our conviction that we are on the right track’. LBH promotes initiatives such as Happines Camp, a pioneering event in Portugal.

The Happiness Manager course offers comprehensive training in five modules, covering topics such as positive psychology, the theory of authentic happiness, the positive communication model, emotional pay and happiness management.

AdvanceWorks, Synergies, AMGEN Capability Centre and Cisco were other companies that received awards in the different categories of number of employees.


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