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Local authority issues a warning to the population

Warning about safety on the municipality's beaches

Photo: CMM

How to spot a water bug

Wetlands occur on most beaches, are powerful and sometimes difficult to spot. 70% of people fail to do so and two out of three people think they can overlook them, which can have deadly consequences.

When waves crash on the beach they push the water towards the shore. Once it reaches the shore, the mass of water has to find a way back to the sea, and flows through deeper channels away from the shore. These deeper channels are called eddies or return currents.

These are the features you should look for:

- Dark, deeper water;

- Places with fewer breaking waves;

- An undulating surface surrounded by calm water;

- Sand-coloured, frothy water that extends beyond the waves;

- Debris or algae, with significant water movement.

Wetlands do not always show all of these signs at the same time. Some may show only one or two of the characteristics described.

Before entering the water

Stop, Look and Plan. Don't take risks with wetlands!

Come to our beaches safely! Look for the lifeguard teams, they will be able to show you the safest places to bathe.

How to survive a pond

If you get caught in a bog, stay calm! Panic and exhaustion are the main causes of drowning. Survival depends on knowing how to act and knowing your options:

- if the beach is patrolled or if there are other people around, raise your arm and shout to get attention so you can be rescued.

- if you are not spotted, remain calm;

- float with the watercraft, some may bring you back to shore, or choose to swim perpendicular to the watercraft, or towards the breaking waves. Use those waves to help you. Stay calm! Reassess your situation, keep trying one or the other option until you are rescued or make it to shore;

- Never try to swim against the current.

Remember: If the beach is not watched, DO NOT RISK with the waves!

Look for the lifeguard teams.

To avoid these carelessness and consequent trauma, we have thought of something that may help. When you head for the water...draw a line in your mind! You can only cross it when you have an answer to the following words:

Stop, to check for wetlands

Look out for other dangers that put you at risk

and Plan how to keep yourself safe

Beach Safety depends on you, it depends on all of us!

Come and enjoy the beaches of the municipality of Matosinhos in Safety, we are waiting for you.


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