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“Make a Gift” has a new space in Leça da Palmeira

Make a Gift was born with the objective of facilitating the art of giving allied to the demand of wanting to offer the perfect gift

After a year and a half of existence, it is time for "Make a Gift" to grow and open up to the public. A new and bigger atelier is already in operation, eager to receive visitors... and create many smiles.

Friends since 7th grade, Sónia and Rita created "Make a Gift" with the objective of their clients being able to offer an exquisite gift in a simple, fast and uncomplicated way.

The online store took off in October 2020 in a borrowed space, and orders for gifts quickly increased. "The need for a larger space started within the first six months" explains Sonia. The requests for pick up in the store began to be many, despite the fact that the postage is free on orders over 100€. "Curiously, and despite the fact that we don't advertise our atelier, the requests to pick up the gifts in our store, to date, have not stopped", concluded Rita.

Make a Gift" strives to choose the best partners, most of them national, and works with brands that excel in quality. Accompanied by a personalized message, each gift box is unique and special.

Make a Gift: each box is unique and special

The new atelier is located at Paço da Boa Nova in Leça da Palmeira. The pick up of the orders is available on Mondays and Fridays and visits are always possible.

Check "Make a Gift" on the social networks:

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