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Maré with new schedules

ViaMove, which takes over the operation of collective road public transport in Matosinhos, informs that next Monday, June 6, 2022, changes to schedules on the Maré network will come into effect

The main objective of these changes, according to the company, is to continue the improvements in the quality of the service provided, increasing the reliability of the offer, given the stabilization of daily reality, surpassed for now the dynamics caused by the pandemic that crossed our community.

Practically all timetables will have reliability adjustments, generally keeping the amounts of trips unchanged.

Lines 107, 116 and 121 will have new timetables both on working days, weekends and holidays.

On working days there will be a new schedule on line 111, while lines 104, 105, 119 and 120 will undergo adjustments in some departures.

On weekends and holidays, in addition to the lines already mentioned, lines 119 and 130 will have new schedules. Line 104 will have changes in the morning, with anticipation of the start of service.

Several changes will lead to increases in the breadth of the offer, either with anticipation of the start of service or delaying last trips.


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