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"Masha and the Bear" cheer up MAR Shopping Matosinhos' Father's Day

MAR Shopping Food Experience, a free cultural and leisure program, will be on stage between February and August

For Father's Day, the MAR Shopping Food Experience, the free cultural and leisure program of MAR Shopping Matosinhos, reserves a surprise for an ideal family program. After all, fathers and children know well "Masha and the Bear" and, with them, can spend an afternoon full of music, dance and laughter. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... on March 19, at 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm, the stage of the food court (level 1) is reserved for a double session of the minishow of "Masha and the Bear"...

Once again, now on stage and not on television, the rebellious girl and the wise bear get into one of those messes. A talent scout named Eeyore pretends to be looking for a new star for his circus, and Bear follows his lead, believing in a life full of spotlights and applause. But Eeyore's real plans are different... Amidst lots of dancing and music, the forest friends join Masha for an adventure in which the public is invited to participate. After all, there is nothing stronger than friendship.

Family moments watching shows that will bring more animation to children's Sundays are part of the poster of MAR Shopping Food Experience, always with two sessions. "Super Wings", "Choné Sheep" and "Heidi and the Mayan Bee", on May 7 (Mother's Day), June 4 and August 13, respectively, are next on stage!

Animated weekends, in a trendy environment and thinking about memorable moments with family and friends are in the meeting place of always. MAR Shopping Matosinhos serves up another free program of "eat and cry for more".

MAR Shopping Food Experience 2023 Program

Catering Space, Floor 1 - Interior Stage


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