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Matosinhos approves vote of praise for the first Portuguese film nominated for the Oscars

The Municipality of Matosinhos, in the district of Porto, approved this Wednesday, January 25, unanimously, a vote of praise to João Gonzalez, director of the short animation film "Ice Merchants" nominated for the Oscars

"It is a source of pride for Matosinhos because he [João Gonzalez] is a citizen who has lived in São Mamede de Infesta [Matosinhos] since he was born until today," said the mayor, Luísa Salgueiro, during the public meeting of the municipal executive.

The animated short film "Ice Merchants", by João Gonzalez, is nominated for the Oscars, which is unprecedented for Portuguese cinema, according to the list of nominees.

For the first time, there is a Portuguese film in the Oscar nominees, with "Ice Merchants", directed by João Gonzalez, nominated for the award of best animated short film.

"Ice Merchants" is João Gonzalez's third film and is produced in Portugal by Bruno Caetano, with Cola Animation, and co-produced with France and the UK.

The film, with no dialogues, has as its starting point the image of a house on a mountain, leaning over a precipice. From there, the director developed the story of a father and son, who produce ice in the inhospitable house where they live, and from where they parachute every day to sell it in the village at the foot of the mountain.

João Gonzalez signs the direction and the soundtrack of the film, and shares the animation, in 2D, with the Polish Ala Nunu.

Before reaching the Oscar nominations, "Ice Merchants" had an award-winning 2022 premiere at Critics Week at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

According to the Short Film Agency, John Gonzalez's film has been to over a hundred film festivals, won 44 awards, and was seen by 8,425 viewers.

The ceremony of the 95th edition of the Oscars is scheduled for March 12.


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