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Matosinhos: caught in the act with more than 170 doses of drugs and a prohibited weapon

The Territorial Command of the GNR in Porto, through the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of Matosinhos, arrested in the act a 32-year-old man on Sunday for drug trafficking and possession of a prohibited weapon in the municipality of Matosinhos

During an action of proximity policing, the Guard military came across the presence of a man, on the public road, who was in possession of a prohibited weapon. During the action, a security search was made to the suspect, says the GNR information note, and it was found that he was still in possession of 176 doses of drugs, including cocaine and hashish.

The GNR seized: 93 doses of cocaine; 83 doses of hashish; a cell phone; a brass knuckles.

The detainee was charged and the facts were reported to the Criminal Court of Matosinhos.


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