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Matosinhos City Hall expects "a great public participation" in the Lord of Matosinhos

The Festival of the Lord of Matosinhos is almost upon us and will fill this city, in the district of Oporto, with animation. It will start on May 19th

Photo: JN, Senhor de Matosinhos 2022

This festival, considered the largest in the north of the country has a budget of "300 thousand euros", higher compared to last year, and is estimated to receive 1.8 million people, according to Jornal de Notícias, this Sunday.

The councilman of Culture of Matosinhos City Hall expressed to the same source that "the City Hall is expecting a large adhesion of the public" and in the face of this belief is being developed "a large device, articulated between the PSP, Civil Protection and Municipal Police - only on the night of the fireworks, on the 27th, there will be more than two hundred professionals on the ground".

Besides this, there will be "an advanced medical post in the middle of the party", adds Fernando Rocha.

The councillor suggests that visitors should travel to the party "preferably by metro", stressing that "there will be reinforcement of carriages". If personal vehicles are the public's choice, Fernando Rocha makes a recommendation: "look for car parks on the outskirts."

The ex-libris of the night, the fireworks, will be of the responsibility of "Macedos Pirotecnia - that usually does the S.João of Porto and Gaia and the New Year's Eve in Madeira", being launched from inside the Port of Leixões, with a duration of 25 minutes, communicates Fernando Rocha to the JN.

Another of the high moments of this celebration is the procession, which will take place on the 28th at 4pm.

The Portuguese musician Fernando Daniel is the head of this event, taking the stage on the 26th of May.

The pilgrimage ends on June 11.


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