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Matosinhos is present at a European event dedicated to Social Housing

“International Social Housing Festival”

MatosinhosHabit was present at the 3rd edition of the International Social Housing Festival, an initiative organized by the European Housing Federation – Housing Europe, which took place in Helsinki, between the 14th and 17th of June, with the aim of promoting the debate on social and public housing, addressing local and international policies, taking into account 3 fundamental axes: Quality of housing as quality of life, Sustainability in housing, Right to housing.

MatosinhosHabit, which was represented through its Executive Director, Helena Vaz, is officially part of Housing Europe – European Federation of Public, Cooperative and Social Housing, an association that brings together more than 40 national and regional federations at European level.

The Housing Europe Association, implemented in 1988, brings together 44 national and regional federations, bringing together close to 43 thousand partners in the field of public and social housing, as well as housing cooperatives, from 23 countries. In total, Housing Europe covers more than 26 million homes, thus representing around 11% of public households in the European Union.


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