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Matosinhos Polo de Desenvolvimento Tecnológico

Iniciativa Matosinhos.Tech

Last Wednesday, the Florbela Espanca Municipal Library Auditorium hosted the 8th session of on the theme “Compensation as a Service & Maritime Robots”.

The Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, closed the initiative that brought to the stage Tiago Fernandes, Technology Director of Coverflex, to explain to us how Coverflex is building the future of remuneration through the “Elixir” project and to give us a vision of its mission to create the Employee Bank. Afterwards, Manuel Parente, Director of Software Engineering at Ocean Infinity, explained that building a fleet of robotic vessels at scale is a complex challenge – especially if done in a sustainable way. The speaker referred to the fact that innovative technologies are transforming the sea and improving the planet and our lives.

The Municipal Councilor for Economic Development, Commerce and Tourism, Marta Pontes, was also present at the initiative.

It should be noted that is a movement that emerged at the time of the pandemic and that brings together the best technology in the north.

On the outskirts of Porto, located in northern Portugal, Matosinhos is a booming hub for successful tech businesses, and has attracted investment from some of the most innovative companies. National and international organizations have laid the foundations for attracting and retaining new talent, providing an excellent work-life balance in a vibrant seaside city.

The mission of the community is to develop a technology hub located in Matosinhos, which hosts some of the best technology companies in Portugal. Through events, organizes sharing sessions, giving stage to national and international speakers to share their journey, show how they build their solutions and make their companies known, thus promoting knowledge sharing, mapping the digital ecosystem of city ​​and design Matosinhos as a digital hub in Portugal.


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