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Matosinhos takes another step towards reducing waiting lists

"We have taken another step in reducing the waiting list for conventional obesity surgeries"

The team from the Obesity Surgical Treatment Unit, at Hospital Pedro Hispano, in Matosinhos, was happy to be able to advance with this type of intervention in an Outpatient Surgery regimen since "it will be possible to give a greater response to our users", said Gil Faria, the surgeon in charge of the unit.

"We have started at Pedro Hispano Hospital the gastric bypass surgeries that are usually performed in the central block," said Gil Faria. This change, "in cases where we don't foresee complications", will allow an increase in the number of surgeries performed and, consequently, reduce the waiting list that is still large".

For the surgeon "we need to take advantage of everything and here we are taking advantage of the resources of the Outpatient Surgery that allow us to perform the surgeries safely, we have the conditions for the patient to be able to stay here and go home the next day". This reduces "the number of days of hospitalization and the possible complications that can result from it.

Gastric Bypass Surgeries

The first patient to have surgery in Outpatient Surgery, she is 35 years old, weighing 138 kg for a height of 1.78 m. "I had already been signed up for surgery for 4 years...," she laments. Obese since childhood, she told us that the birth of her daughter made her change her mind and she decided to ask for help. "When my daughter was born I decided I had to change to see her grow up well. So, with this weight I find it very difficult to perform many tasks and so I decided to take action." She really believes that her life "will improve a lot" and feels that "this is a rebirth".

"We intend to do this especially because we're talking about a substantial gain in quality of life," stresses Gil Faria.


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