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MatosinhosHabit and the City Council invest 1.1 million euros in urban regeneration

11,200 m2 were intervened, resulting in the total urban regeneration of the Fishermen's Quarter, in the center of the city of Matosinhos

With an investment of 1.1 million euros, MatosinhosHabit and the Matosinhos City Hall finished the requalification of Bairro dos Pescadores.

The project, designed by the architect and urban planner Carlos Coelho, focused on urban regeneration and sustainable mobility, in a total area of 11,200 m2 of intervention. The works included, among others, the rehabilitation of sidewalks and sidewalk, access to housing, parking and green spaces, and also the installation of drainage and rainwater network, irrigation network, lighting elements, sports equipment, outdoor furniture.

A pilot intervention was also carried out in the collective housing building "Block J", which focused not only on increasing the privacy and comfort of residents, but also on implementing energy efficiency measures, through materials for thermal and acoustic insulation. Another objective of this intervention is to encourage private owners of the remaining buildings to carry out works, which may be covered by the "1st Right" Housing Program.

Manuela Álvares, President of the Board of Directors of MatosinhosHabit, recalls that "this project was born in 2018, when MatosinhosHabit presented a proposal for the urban revitalization of Bairro dos Pescadores to a European Union program, in order to obtain community funds for its requalification", adding that "the application for community funds was not approved, but the execution of the construction work was immediately assumed as a priority by the municipality, and is now concluded".


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