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MatosinhosSport promotes a cycle of free lectures

Matosinhos Sport has promoted since the end of last year, within the scope of the Physical Evaluation and Nutrition Offices, several cycles of lectures aimed at the general population and free of charge

The exercise technicians and nutritionists of Matosinhos Sport have already accounted for 10 actions, according to a tour of the 7 municipal swimming pools, sharing various concepts and tips about those topics they master so well, as well as answering all the questions that the various, eclectic (such is the diversity and disparity of ages) and lively audiences have presented them with.

The primary goal is to inform and to put down the counter-information that proliferates these days and, more than anything, to remind people of the importance of healthy routines and eating under the guidance of those who know better.

The first round dealt with the subjects of diabetes and diet, and the last sessions addressed the importance of physical exercise and the prevention of childhood obesity.

In the year that celebrates its 20th anniversary, the Municipal Sports Company promises to present more initiatives of this kind to the local community as well as several surprises on the path of innovation and public interest.


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