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Metro do Porto registered 65 million validations in 2022

In 2022, Metro do Porto surpassed 65 million validations. It's the second best year ever in terms of demand, says Metro do Porto in a press release

From 2021 to 2022 the increase in validations was 14.4%.

"In 2022, Metro do Porto exceeded 65 million validations - the second best year ever in terms of demand (8.9% below the best, which was 2019), surpassing by 56.1% the 41.7 million validations of 2021.

October was the busiest month last year, with more than 6.4 million validations," explains Metro do Porto's note, published on its social network.

The Tronco Comum, between Senhora da Hora and Estádio do Dragão, was responsible for 51,7% of the total validations (with a daily average of 107.588). Referring only to the lines, the Yellow Line (D) was the one that stood out, obtaining a higher level of demand (30.1%, which translated into more than 20 million validated tickets).

Compared to 2021, the Violet Line (E), which connects to the airport, reached, however, the most expressive evolution (148.9%), "something that is explained by the resumption of tourism activity, after two years marked by the contingencies and falls due to the pandemic of covid-19", can be read in the note of Metro do Porto.


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