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"Metropolis" with new tenants

Private investment in Senhora da Hora

The Mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro, and the Councillor for Economic Development, Trade and Tourism, Marta Pontes, visited yesterday, February 16, the new development that was born in Senhora da Hora, near the Sete Bicas subway station.

The "Metropolis" project results from a total planned investment of around 45 million euros by "The Edge Group", in partnership with national investors.

The project covers a total area of 25 thousand m2 for offices, leisure areas, among other facilities.

The first phase of the work involved the conservation of the building, an area with about three thousand m2 for offices. This was followed by adaptation work according to the needs of the new tenants, investing in an open space concept, with meeting rooms, social and leisure areas, private phone booths, kitchens, and dining rooms, among other attractions.

The first companies to install themselves in the building were LTP, Advanced Analytics & Business Consultancy, Ábaco Consulting (from the German group Valentic), and Hitachi Solutions, Business Transformation Consultancy. Together, they employ 650 people, who do not occupy the premises at the same time, since they are betting on a hybrid system (telecommuting/ face-to-face work/ traveling to clients).


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