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Miguel Bandeirinha sang and paid tribute to Amália Rodrigues

The voice of fado singer Miguel Bandeirinha sang and paid tribute to several songs performed by Amália Rodrigues, in the Village Auditorium of Custóias, on 4 December, this Sunday

Throughout the concert, some stories of the fado singer Amália Rodrigues were recalled, with songs such as: "Estranha Forma de Vida"; "Lágrima"; "Nem às paredes confesso"; "Não sei porque te foi embora", among others from the repertoire of Amália Rodrigues.

Miguel Bandeirinha since the age of six has a strong connection to Fado, due to many family members singing and having businesses connected to Fado.

He has already participated in several contests, television programs, Fado galas, performed in national and international theatres, represented our country in the World Music Festival in Uzbekistan and has worked with António Pinto Basto and Anita Guerreiro, among others.

The musical event took place at 3.30pm on 4 December.


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