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Monte de São Brás

Like Ponte do Carro, Monte de São Brás is located on the right bank of the River Leça, on the edge of the parishes of Santa Cruz do Bispo and Custóias. These two parks are connected to each other through the railway line used by the Port of Leixões. It is surrounded by a large dirt area, with benches and tables to spend a weekend afternoon. It is possible to use the other dirt park for more radical activities such as riding a Moto 4. Monte de São Brás also houses the Capela de São Sebastião, which has a viewpoint from which you can see a stretch of the Leça River and several agricultural fields of Quinta de São Brás, the former holiday residence of the Bishop of Porto, currently a female prison. . The Feast of São Brás takes place in the Parish of Santa Cruz do Bispo in honor of São Brás and Nossa Senhora do Livramento. It is celebrated on the 1st Sunday after the 2nd of February and culminates in a procession.


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