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More than a million people have already used Campanhã Intermodal Terminal

The Campanhã Intermodal Terminal (TIC) has already received more than a million passengers since its inauguration on July 20th of this year

During the month of December alone more than 300 thousand people arrived or departed from Campanhã. During peak traffic hours, TIC receives up to one bus per minute.

"For us it is a reason for great satisfaction," says the manager of STCP Serviços. For Teresa Stalisnau, "reaching the one million passengers mark before the end of the year is proof that the Campanhã Intermodal Terminal is, effectively, an important infrastructure for the mobility of the city of Porto. These were six intense months of learning and continuous improvement".

With seven carriers operating in the terminal, TIC saw its offer triple in November with the appearance of new lines and the arrival of another operator. Assuming itself as "the great distributing hub of flows", the TIC seeks to free the urban center from the circulation of heavy passenger vehicles other than those of the urban transport system.

With an investment of over 13 million euros and a green area of over 4.6 hectares, the terminal's main objectives are the promotion of multimodal citizenship, the focus on efficient and sustainable public transport and the reduction of 1776 tep (tons of oil equivalent) in the city center, a key contribution to the objective of the Porto Climate Pact, to achieve carbon neutrality in the city by 2030.

Remember that TIC was born in July as an infrastructure designed to increase the quality of life of citizens, those who visit the city for the quality of service upon arrival, and the locals who depart from there to several cities in Europe, also benefiting from the reduction of buses in the urban center.


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