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More than half of the Portuguese plan to go out for lunch on Easter Sunday, according to TheFork

Traditions are still what they were: celebrating with the family and choosing typical dishes and delicacies are among the aspects most valued by respondents for this date

Made of very particular traditions and flavours, Easter is fast approaching, making the desire to gather family and friends around a table grow. This is exactly what the Portuguese plan for Holy Week, thus uniting the religious aspect with the pleasures of gastronomy.

According to a study by TheFork, which surveyed a group of users in order to understand their intentions and preferences for this date, 32% of the Portuguese will book a restaurant for that week, valuing, above all, more familiar spaces, since the overwhelming majority (92%) will celebrate with family.

The data provided by the leading booking platform in Europe indicates that Easter Sunday is the day chosen to go to a restaurant during Easter Week (56%), although Saturday and Good Friday (which is a public holiday) are not far behind in the choices of the Portuguese, with 49 and 37% of responses, respectively. However, comparing with the reservations already made by TheFork for Easter, Saturday is in advantage so far, with 31% of registrations. It should be noted that the majority (32%) intends to take two meals out during this period.

In the survey conducted by TheFork, 75% of users choose lunch as their preferred time, followed by 56% who opt for dinner. Once again, this data does not yet mirror the current behaviour of consumers, who so far are booking more for 8pm (28%, compared to 12% for lunchtime).

Safe choices: Portuguese cuisine at 25 euros per person

What, in fact, leaves no room for doubt in relation to the preferences of the Portuguese is the type of cuisine preferred for this date, were it not full of traditions. If the majority of users (69%) opt for regional Portuguese cuisine when asked about their plans, the same has been verified in the reservations made so far.

The trend is repeated with regard to the budget issue: almost half of those polled would like to spend an average of 25 euros per person on meals. This is what is already happening with 56% of the users who booked on TheFork for Easter Week: the restaurants chosen have an average price around this value. As for ratings, bookings are predominantly falling on restaurants from 9 points out of 10.

Celebrate in new and familiar restaurants, with typical delicacies on the menu

The Portuguese are divided between reserving in a restaurant they already know or in a new restaurant, although discovering new places takes the lead, with 56% following this option. However, the aspect most valued when booking a restaurant for Easter - with 73% of the votes - is the fact of having enough space for the whole family. Easter menus are also important for 17% of those polled.

A menu which, for more than half of the Portuguese, should include the typical Oven Roasted Kid. Almonds (36%), chocolate eggs (33%) and sweet puff pastry (23%) are also on the list of delicacies that cannot be missed during this festive season. Traditions that may be more difficult to fulfil for those who go abroad on holiday during Easter Week: of the 670 users who stated that they have holidays at this time of the year, the majority (185) will go abroad and, who knows, book a table in a restaurant with TheFork across borders.


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