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More than three tons of sardines seized in Matosinhos

The Coastal Control Unit seized on May 9, 3,240 kilos of sardines, 'Sardina pilchardus', in the fishing port of Matosinhos, reveals the National Republican Guard (GNR) in a statement.

The said apprehension took place within the scope of an inspection action at the fishing port of Matosinhos "with a view to verifying compliance with the rules established for the capture of sardines", reveals the note.

The Guard military found that a vessel had tried to sell fish that had been caught by another vessel at auction.

"The master of the vessel, a 41-year-old man, was identified and a notice of administrative offense was drawn up for non-compliance with the rules established for the capture of sardines, with this offense being punishable by a maximum fine of 25,000 euros", the letter reads. .

The seized fish was subjected to a hygiene check and subsequently sold at auction, with the result of the sale being subject to the order of the process.

The sardine, 'Sardina pilchardus', is a resource of strategic interest for Portuguese fisheries, for the canning industry and for exports of fish and sea products, recalls the GNR.


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