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Mother and son have been living on Matosinhos beach for four months

Family was evicted from apartment in Vila Nova de Gaia at the end of July. Municipality informed PÚBLICO that temporary accommodation was proposed for mother and child

Photo: Correio da Manhã

Mother and son are, there are four months, living in a tent on the beach in Matosinhos. Amelia Ferreira and Daniel Tato were evicted from the house in Vila Nova de Gaia, who inhabited for almost 17 years, after the death of the landlord. The case was revealed on Monday by Correio da Manhã, with the municipality of Matosinhos to ensure the PUBLICO that is, along with the City Council of Vila Nova de Gaia, trying to find a permanent solution for the family, detailing that has already been proposed the possibility of integration in temporary accommodation.

At 66, Amélia receives about 500 euros of retirement and widow's pension. The son, 44 years old and currently unemployed, receives 189 euros monthly minimum income. They were more than a decade and a half in the same apartment in Vila Nova de Gaia, but, describes the Correio da Manhã, the heiress of the property has put an eviction action to the family after the death of the landlord, but are not advanced the reasons for the lawsuit, which will have had a negative outcome for the tenants. They were left homeless at the end of July.

In an explanation sent to PÚBLICO, the Matosinhos City Hall confirms that mother and son have been staying overnight since August at Matosinhos beach, detailing that the family receives food and hygiene support at Lar de Santana. They left Gaia after becoming homeless, but new setbacks prevented them from obtaining a new safe haven.

"They informed that they are from Matosinhos and that, after the eviction, they decided to return to their hometown to seek family support, which was not obtained due to economic difficulties of the family and also because of disagreements," details the municipality.

They are on the waiting list for application for social housing in Gaia, with 700 cases ahead of them. They have been proposed integration in temporary accommodation, something that has been refused, says the local authority, due to lack of privacy and desire for social housing.

"Although it was explained to them that the response of social housing is time-consuming and that the conditions [of temporary accommodation] are quite satisfactory, they remained in their decision," the municipality clarifies to PÚBLICO.

"We are with life suspended. I am of working age, but living in a tent, I have no conditions to present myself with dignity in a job," laments the son, in statements to Correio da Manhã. The mother says that the meager financial conditions prevent new lease. "I can't afford to pay what they ask for a room or a little house," Amélia Ferreira complains.

The current goal is to help the family rent a room and get Daniel a job. The municipality confirms that the man is already registered in the Employment Shop of the Association for the Integrated Development of Matosinhos.


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