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New green corridor connects Leça do Balio to Maia

There is a new corridor, called «Corredor Verde do Leça», which connects Leça do Balio to Maia

The route covers a total of 5.5 kilometers and in addition to being very accessible, it has a map by zones, in Portuguese and English.

This map identifies the place where the person is “and what is nearby, such as toilets, parking, cafeteria, metro station or points of interest”. “Useful/emergency contacts, precautions to be taken and rules of conduct will also be made available”, says Notícias da Maia.

For the architect responsible for the design of the route, Laura Roldão, one of the objectives of the corridor is to “return the river to the populations”, with the main highlight being the water line that starts in Santo Tirso and flows into Matosinhos. “The environmental recovery of the river course is another of the intentions”.

The «Corredor Verde do Leça» has several accesses and, whoever leaves near Ponte da Pedra can read, on an information panel, “that it is the oldest bridge over the Leça River, and that it was part of an old road that connected Braga and Porto”.

Along the way, it is also possible to discover the old railway viaduct, the Monastery of Leça do Balio, the Parque das Varas, the Lionesa Business Center, and two mills, one next to the Ronfes Bridge and the other, in Lugar da Sabina.


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