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Onda Pura Surf Center promotes intensive surf training with João Guedes

The surfer and former national champion, João Guedes, will accompany the young athletes in a week of intensive training, in several surf spots in the North

Onda Pura Surf Center, a surf school and other wave sports located in Praia de Matosinhos, is promoting another edition of its Intensive Surf Weeks, which take place between June 27th and July 29th, dedicated to athletes who want to improve their competitive technical and tactical performance. This year, once again, the program has the presence of surfer and former national champion João Guedes, who, together with the experienced coaches of Onda Pura, will coach the athletes, supporting them in their evolution during these fields. of training.

The first week with the presence of João Guedes starts on Monday, July 4, with an intensive training program and a visit to several surf spots, such as Maceda, Azurara, Aguçadoura, Espinho, Leça da Palmeira, among others. As a complement, the athletes will also have surf skate training and video analysis sessions, with the aim of training, training and improving the skills of the young surfers participating.

“This is, in fact, the best time to gather competition and pre-competition athletes for a week of intensive training, now that classes and exams are over. And nothing better than, in addition to having our coaches, being able to count on the coaching of a high performance athlete, with great experience in competition and knowledge of the sea and surfing techniques and tactics, like João Guedes“, highlights Marcelo Martins, from Onda Pura Surf School.

The program includes five days of intense surfing and daily contact with João Guedes, which will allow participants to surf alongside a very experienced athlete, learn about his training routines, learn about the stories of his competitive career and receive his advice. for a fast evolution in surfing. The training sessions are also accompanied by the team of coaches from Onda Pura Surf Center.

Onda Pura Surf Center's Intensive Surf Weeks are aimed at intermediate and advanced athletes and more information can be obtained by calling 967 347 697 oremail


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