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Outdoor Physical Activity - "Põe-te a Mexer" Program

Healthy living habits cannot be something just for a few. The pioneering project "Põe-te a Mexer" was put into practice on the coastal roads, pavilions and beaches in the municipality of Matosinhos. It is a project based on the concept of sport for all and all ages, since 2007, which promotes social inclusion. - "Põe-te a Mexer" Indoor - Consists of a program of informal physical activities duly accompanied by professionals in the area. It takes place in the Sports and Congress Pavilion or in other municipal pavilions, in order to escape the harsh winter; - "Põe-te a Mexer" at the Marginals - Includes various activities, including walks and mobilization, stretching and relaxation exercises, also accompanied by sports and health technicians. It takes place on weekends from April to October, interrupting in the month of August; - "Põe-te a Mexer" at the Beach - It has a more frequent program in group classes such as aerobics, combat, dance, localized and zumba, on the various beaches in the municipality, managed by sports professionals. They take place during the month of July and August; - "Põe-te a Mexer" by Night - Physical activity also happens at night! It's a very similar program to "Póe-te a Mexir nas Marginals", with walks and various exercises. Every Wednesday in July at 9:30 pm.

Fonte: NM Matosinhos


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