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Padaria Portuguesa has just opened a store in Matosinhos

After three cities in Porto, the Portuguese company expands to other cities

It was in mid-January that the brand A Padaria Portuguesa responded to the requests of Porto customers, opening for the first time a store in the city of Porto, located on Avenida do Brasil, in Foz do Douro. Days later, and before the end of that month, the Portuguese company opened a second store in the city, this time in the Antas area, more specifically in Rua Professor Bento de Jesus Caraça.

In February, a third A Padaria Portuguesa store was opened in Oporto. This time the company chose to open a space in Bom Sucesso, at Gonçalo Sampaio Street, number 395. But if you thought that the company would stop there, you are wrong.

Today, March 15th, the brand A Padaria Portuguesa opened its first store in Matosinhos, located at Avenida da República, nº44. It has plenty of seating inside, as well as a beautiful terrace overlooking the beach.

Those who pass by the new spot will find a full storefront, and will also be entitled to exclusive products designed for Porto's customers, such as the Regueifa, the Jesuit, the mixed snack and the oyster mushroom snack, the bijou bread and also delicious miniatures of Bola de Berlim, Pastel de Natal, Pão de Deus and the classic Napoleão.

Besides, you can find all the usual products such as croissants, brownies, cakes, various types of breads (including the new gluten free bread made from sweet potatoes from Lourinhã) and, of course, the famous full size "Pão de Deus". You can also have lunch there, as there are some menus available, as well as breakfast, a little "vice" of many Portuguese. The store is open every day from 7am to 8pm.

To ensure maximum quality and freshness every day, the Portuguese brand has also recently inaugurated a new local factory, which will supply the stores in the north. It is in this factory that the hands of the bakers and pastry chefs of A Padaria Portuguesa prepare the products specially developed for customers in this region on a daily basis.


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