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Pedro Almeida directs new video clip of Zé Amaro

At the time of this posting, the video has almost 50 thousand views

In 2022, directing "Father, Son and the Holy Spirit", for the musician John Black Wolf, earned him a nomination at the IPMA in the United States, in the category of 'Music Video Of The Year'. After this video clip (where besides directing, he also participates as an actor), Pedro Almeida, born in Leça da Palmeira, became responsible for Zé Amaro's video contents, being in his hands the creation of what appears on the screen that occupies the stage of the "Portuguese Cowboy" concerts. Then followed a tour, in Portugal and elsewhere, consisting of about 100 concerts (many of them attended by almost 40 thousand people). At the end of this tour, Pedro was challenged to create the story for Zé Amaro's new single, entitled “Casinha Branca” (white house). The video that illustrates the new theme takes us to the "little house" of our grandparents, where we spent our childhood and created the memories of what we have become today as adults.

At the time of publication, the video has almost 50 thousand views, and promises not to stop here. From day to day, Zé Amaro adds an endless number of fans who fervently follow all his work.

For Pedro, the next step is the creation of new video content for Zé Amaro's stage in this new 2023 tour that kicks off with two big concerts that demand the right to special and exclusive videos (Porto Coliseu on February 3rd and Lisbon Coliseu on May 26th). After that, another hundred concerts in Portugal and abroad. Pedro leaves in the air the hypothesis that, still this year, a new Zé Amaro videoclip will be released: "It's something I always want to do, obviously! Zé Amaro and I are working the way we've always done, the way we also like the most, which is just creating at the right moment!".

Besides that, Pedro Almeida is also working with other bands, promising a 2023 full of creativity, fruit of his experience in cinema and television.

Watch here the new Zé Amaro's videoclip, directed by Pedro Almeida:


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