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Permanent Intervention Teams are already operational

Reinforcement of firefighters

The Permanent Intervention Teams of the municipality of Matosinhos are already operational.

Each corporation now has five more elements – a team leader and four operatives. The councilor for Civil Protection of the municipality, Marta Pontes, marked the beginning of this service provided to the populations.

This reinforcement, which is being implemented in the four humanitarian associations in the municipality – Matosinhos-Liça, Leixões, Leça do Balio and S. Mamede de Infesta, arose from the will expressed by the Municipality of Matosinhos and had the support of the Secretary of State for Internal Administration and the League of Portuguese Firefighters.

To this end, a cooperation protocol was signed between the municipality, the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority and the four humanitarian associations in the municipality.

In addition to providing assistance to the population of the municipality of Matosinhos, the Permanent Intervention Teams can be called upon to provide assistance in other municipalities if necessary, as is already the case in situations of fighting forest fires.

Funding for the Permanent Intervention Teams is ensured in equal parts by the municipality and the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection.

With the aim of guaranteeing the maximum operability of these teams, the City Council will provide extraordinary support so that the teams' activity schedule is permanent.


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