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Pingo Doce promotes “Cleaning the seabed” at Leça da Palmeira beach

The program will also have a set of actions in the sand

The beach of Leça da Palmeira receives tomorrow an action of “Cleaning the seabed”, a pioneering initiative in Portugal and promoted by Pingo Doce, through its program Amar o Mar, in partnership with Sailors for the Sea Portugal. This action will be carried out by a group of certified divers, who will carry out the collection of waste and debris deposited in the waters of this beach, with the aim of combating marine pollution and raising awareness of the importance of ocean conservation.

In parallel, in order to involve vacationers, families, students from schools in the region and water sports practitioners, various activities will take place on the beach, dedicated to ocean literacy, throughout the day. Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the problems of garbage and waste that end up in the ocean and how they can adopt more responsible and sustainable habits and behaviors to contribute to their mitigation. In addition, there will be several surprises in store for the youngest.

The “Cleaning the seabed” initiative will cover a total of 10 Portuguese beaches, from north to south of the country and, in all actions, the garbage and waste collected will be accounted for and its data introduced into Ocean’s Clean Swell international platform. Conservancy and on the Project Aware platform, in order to characterize these same wastes and contribute to the construction of national scientific data in the area of ​​waste dispersed in the environment.

Praia da Claridade (22 July), in Figueira da Foz, and Praia da Nazaré (24 July) will be the next stops for Pingo Doce and Sailors for the Sea Portugal, which will head south during the of the next few weeks.


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