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Poetry Festival is over

Various art forms celebrated poetry in this 17th edition

The 17th edition of the Poetry Festival has come to an end. Celebrated to mark the day of Florbela Espanca's birth, on 8 December 1894, and also the date of her death, in Matosinhos, on 8 December 1930, this year's Poetry Festival welcomed a first-rate cast connected to poetry and the arts.

Sérgio Godinho, Inês Pedrosa, Carlos Magno, Rosa Alice Branco, Minês Castanheira, Rui Lage, Vasco Gato, Pedro Eiras and Claudia Lucas Chéu were some of the names that marked these three days of Poetry Festival.

Today there were several high moments of the day. Carlos Magno, Rui Lage, Ana Folhadela and Sérgio Almeida talked about poetry and the poet Manuel António Pina in the session entitled "The poem upside down: evocation of Manuel António Pina".

Sérgio Godinho, poet, author and composer was also present in this edition. With Sérgio Almeida, he talked about the theme "Words are images are words - poetry in Sérgio Godinho".

The guests Inês Pedrosa, Claudia Lucas Chéu and Pedro Eiras remembered and projected the New Portuguese Letters, the seminal work of feminism in Portugal, at the debate table that also took place during the afternoon.

The multifaceted artist Pedro Piaf closed the 17th edition of the Poetry Festival with the poetic performance "Se não escreisse, era capaz de ser infeliz", based on the poetic work of Manuel António Pina.


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