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Porto Airport to go on strike again this month

The SINTAC and SQAC unions have announced a strike notice for the 10 national airports under concession by Vinci Aeroportos, between August 19 and 21

The airports in question will be those of Porto, Lisbon, Beja, Faro, Madeira, Porto Santo, Ponta Delgada, Flores, Santa Maria and Horta.

"Given the inflexibility of the proposals made by ANA/VINCI over the last year and the attempt to reduce rights enshrined in the Company Agreement, attacking the rights that workers have achieved over decades, SINTAC and SQAC consider it urgent to end this blind policy and put an end to all this instability," stress the unions, in a statement released on Monday 1st.

In question are the "demands for the lifting of the suspension of contributions to the pension fund by Vinci", as well as the hiring of "more human resources for airport operations, first-aid operation supervisors and maintenance technicians in the various national airports", according to the National Unions of Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC) and Commercial Aviation Managers (SQAC).

The strike notice was launched after several conversations with workers and, according to the document, will come into force at 00:00 on August 19th, and will last until the end of August 21st. SINTAC and SQAC also state that this notice comes "after several attempts over the past few years to prevent a strike from going ahead".


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