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Porto de Leixões re-elected to the Vice-Presidency of the Atlantic Europe region of CRUISE EUROPE

The annual general meeting of CRUISE EUROPE took place on the 17th of May, in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the European Regional Elections took place, with Dr. Helena Gomes Fernandes, Commercial, Marketing and Communications Director of APDL, being re-elected as Vice-President of the Atlantic Europe region, for a period of 4 years, until the 2026 AGM, when his 8 consecutive years in the same position end.

CRUISE EUROPE is an association of cruise ports and destinations in North and Atlantic Europe, of which the Port of Leixões is an associate member. Started in 1991 with 27 members as the first cruise industry network in Europe, it currently comprises around 140 members in more than 20 countries in Northern and Atlantic Europe. Its main objective is to match the continued growth potential of the cruise industry, providing the industry with a professional and reliable partnership, adding value to cruise lines and their guests.


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