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Porto-Rio may be transformed into local accommodation

The boat Gandufe, better known as Porto-Rio, which has been used by national and international bands of various musical genres and mythical parties since 1999, may become "something completely different" and start operating as floating local accommodation on the Douro River

The platform, which has not opened its doors again since March 2020, was removed from the area of Lordelo do Ouro last Monday, March 6, having been towed "to the shipyard of Várzea do Douro".

The boat was sold to Navaldouro, a company that restores ships and was responsible for the towage of it, by the former owner Renato Pedrosa & Fátima Rios Lda, after three years of degradation, and now it may be transformed into a local accommodation.

"We are going to do an analysis of the hull to see if the reconstruction is worth it", says Marco Oliveira, Navaldouro's owner, in declarations to Global News Portugal, adding that if the reconstruction is justified, the boat "could be totally for local accommodation, with eight suites inside the boat itself". Since the boat has three floors, it may also operate with "local accommodation on the lower floor, restaurant on the intermediate floor and bar/terrace on the upper floor.

According to the same source, the old Port-Rio is 33 meters long and 8 meters wide. Navaldouro itself will be responsible for the reconstruction and who will take over the management of the operation, after the refurbishment, will be Douro Style, a company belonging to the group.

The location of the possible future local accommodation has not yet been decided, but, according to Marco Oliveira, it should be "above Crestuma".


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